Patient Testimonials

Photo of Gladys L.
“Pain kept me from everything, including sleep. Then a call came that a doctor, just out of special training, was coming. Surgery was scheduled with necessary spinal anesthesia. For me, it was fabulous listening to what sounded like house construction! Not everyone would be interested in that. I asked the doctor how he got that big thing in, he said, “very carefully,” and no doubt decided spinals were not the way to go; and they put me to sleep. A few hours later, what I clearly recall is NO MORE PAIN!! I was out of the hospital in five days for hip number one, and three days for hip number two. Dr. Matthys will tell you how great this type of replacement is. Believe him.

I'm sure he's accustomed to cranky old patients, but Dr. Matthys is a great guy; and I enjoy trying to brighten his day.

When I see people walking in agony, taking months to heal, not walking straight, can't sit on the floor or play ball with their grandkids—I want them to talk to Dr. Matthys.

P.S. With three inch incisions, I could wear a bikini! However, I'm 77 and can't find one with a turtle neck and long sleeves!”

Gladys L.
Hip Replacement

Photo of Anna D.
“I was in a lot of pain before I had my hip surgery. I believed in Dr. Matthys and trusted him. He was young, and was getting popular for doing hip surgery.

I had surgery in the morning. The next morning they gave me a walker. What a relief it was. I was so happy. I was in the hospital for three days, then at rehab for four days, and I was home in a week. I heal fast. I'm happy most of the time. When you feel good about yourself you heal faster. Never feel sorry for yourself. I have been that way since. If you want to know more you can ask.

I'll be 87 years old April 23rd.

I have lived in an assisted living place, called Evergreen, since June of this year. The staff is wonderful. Just call Evergreen, and ask for Sherwin Dockter. He'll answer any questions you might want to know. O.K.?

Thank you,
Anna D.

P.S. A big hello to Dr. Matthys. Just seeing him would heal you. He sure tends to his flock. Thank you Doctor.

P.P.S. I keep the men happy here by just saying hello and talking to them. Their age range is 92 years old to 98. Before I came to Evergreen, I told some people I was going to find myself a boyfriend. I found out they all need a nurse and a pulse.

There was a man nurse when I was at the hospital. He had the night shift. I needed a pain pill, and he gave them to me. We sang, “If we make it through the night.” I wonder if he is still there. A big hello to him, too.

Thank you all,
Anna D.

As I wrote you, I forgot to mention how my hips are doing. They have never given me any problems. It's like I had the surgery a week ago. I had a stroke septempber of '08, and I was in rehab for two weeks. Everything went well.

So when you call, you can ask anything you want to know. I have lost quite a few pounds.”

Anna D.
Hip Surgery

“April 25, 2010

Dear Dr. Matthys, Sean and Staff:

Thanks so much for the great care I recieved. The staff is great, including the receptionist, the x-ray tech and nurse. Thank you Dr. Matthys and Sean.

I had been very discouraged and without hope of any improvement until I was seen by you, Dr. Mattys and Sean. I thought the pain was all in my head and was given no help at Rochester. You were very confident in your skills and explained the risks, complications and success rates well. We did not have to think very long about going ahead with the surgery. Even if the surgery had not gone as I hoped, we knew that at least we had tried everything.

I am happy and thankful that I have improved above and beyond what I had hoped. I am doing all my housework and, other than not being able to drive, I am functioning well. I have been transitioning to a quad cane now.

It was nice to see you the other day, and have a good report. Again, thank you for taking on my case and being confident in what you do. God's blessings on you and your staff in the way you treat patients.”

Connie S.
Hip Replacement

“I had my first hip replacement several years ago and needed my other one done, but really dreaded it because of the long, slow recovery time, about three months. A friend recommended I see Dr. Mathhys. I was impressed when he and his staff explained the DAA method he uses and I scheduled my surgery that very same day. My recovery after the surgery was amazing as compared to my first one. I was up walking the next day, home in four days with no restrictions and back to normal routine in less than a month. I highly recommend Dr. Matthys to anyone in need of joint replacement – he and his staff are the greatest.”

Judy M.
Hip Replacement

“January 2010

On April 23, 2009, my right leg fractured while walking. My orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Weist, referred me to Dr. Matthys.

After three surgeries-one to set the bone, two for bone grafting and metal plate and three for more bone grafting, reconstruction and another total knee replacement-I was on the road to recovery. This involved six months in a wheelchair with no weight on that leg. After rehab, I am now back to walking two to three miles a day.

Having Dr. Matthys and P.A. McDonald available in Fargo saved me from having to go to Minneapolis or Rochester. I am grateful for their skills, compassion, understanding, concerns, projection of hope and encouragement. They told me my flexibility would be hampered, but my flexibility is as good as the other knee replacement.

I am truly blessed to have had their care.”

Bob P.
Recontruction of Leg Fracture with Total Knee Replacement Surgery

“I had trouble with my right hip since 1993 when something ate my cartilage. I would be walking when my right leg would give out, and I would fall down. Dr. Matthys replaced my hip joint socket and ball on March 25, 2010. He also turned my right foot so it faces straight ahead. He did such a good job that three weeks later I was sawing down trees with a chain saw. This is six years later and I haven’t had any trouble at all. Dr. Matthys is the best.”

Gordon H.
Right Hip Replacement

“I had my hip surgery February 28, 2005. Dr. Matthys did both of my hips at the same time. The first five days of recovery were harder than with one hip done, but I didn't have to go through it two times.

It was to the point where I could hardly walk or do anything. I was sure I was going to end up in a wheelchair shortly. Then I read about the successful surgeries Dr. Matthys had done. This is now January 20, 2010 and I do everything; more than a 71 year old man probably should. I hunt, trap, fish and garden. Since my recovery, I have not had any of the pains I had prior to the surgery. I think I took every pain remedy known to man before I finally went to surgery. I think Dr. Matthys did a very good job using his method. I only have a small incision on each hip.”

Dick C.
Both hips

“Thank You…Thank You…Thank You… Dr. Matthys for giving me my "mobility" back.

I was 65 years old when walking was very painful as both of my hips were "bone on bone" as the Doctor did say. Dr. Matthy said I was a candidate for doing both hips, one after the other when on operating table, but that would be decided when he did the first one. The first one went well so he operated on the second, it took awhile longer in the operating room and also for recovery. Everything went so good – the day after surgery I was able to stand and walk for a few steps….my recovery at home went well and after a few short months I was back to "normal".

The less invasive surgery is the way to go…only a couple of small scars on the front of my hip area.

Since my surgery I have had no problems and got back to doing normal things, we live in the country so gather wood, tend to large garden and lawn, go fishing, travel with a lot of walking involved, etc.

From my experience Dr.Matthys is highly recommended…….”

Durland R.
Two Complete Hip Replacement

“Monday, February 1, 2010
To whom it may concern:

The first half of the year 2004, I had pain in my hips and walked stooped with a walker. I could not walk as far as my 97 year old mother, who was in the nursing home in Stanley, ND. During this time, I read, in an insert in the Minot Daily News, about Dr. Matthys. After looking into the matter further, I got an appointment and drove the 300 miles to keep that appointment.

While waiting for the appointment, I struck up a conversation with another lady in the waiting room. She had both hips replaced two weeks earlier. When they called her name, she stood up and marched to the nurse, without even a walker, and was standing straight as an arrow. I said to myself, "That surgery is for me."

An appointment was made for me to check in for surgery on Wednesday, June 30, 2004. On Saturday, June 26 my mother passed away. The funeral was Monday, June 28th. Tuesday, June 29th we saw all the relatives off by car, train and plane. On Wednesday, June 30th we drove the 300 miles to Fargo and checked into the hospital. On Thursday, July 1st, I had surgery on both hips. I was a basket case of exhaustion and emotion, but was not going to miss the chance I had to have new hips. I worried that, in such a state, I should have perhaps waited. However, Dr. Matthys gave me the assurance I needed that I had made the right decision to proceed.

All went as it should have. I got my new hips, and after eight days we were on our way back home. Soon, I put away the walker, and walked straight as an arrow.”

Gladys B.
Hip Replacement

“In 2002 I had my right hip replaced in Bismarck. The Dr.(now retired) used the traditional method, cutting through my rear muscles to get at the hip. He was a wonderful Dr. and the surgery was a success. However, the healing process and the time I was on pain medication was quite lengthy.

In 2009 I needed a left hip replacement. A friend had his hip replaced by Dr. Matthys and suggested I contact him. How glad I am that I did! Dr. Matthys replaced my hip using the anterior approach which made cutting through muscles unnecessary. The recovery time and the pain medications were cut almost in half. As a bonus, his staff and the staff at Merit Care South were wonderful, caring professionals.

Even though we live in Bismarck, the four trips we made to Fargo (initial consultation, surgery and two follow-up visits) were well worth it. It's been a year now and there is no discomfort at all in my hip. Thank You Dr. Matthys and your team of professionals.”

Leonard M.
Hip Replacement

“The hip pain started gradually, but I didn’t do anything about it for some time. Finally, after an exam and tests I was told it was arthritis and it was my decision when to have surgery. I had heard of cases where the surgery had to be done over and kept putting it off. When the pain was so bad I could hardly walk and my crooked walk was causing pain in my knee, too, it was time to do something. Then a one-page publication from MeritCare in the Sunday Forum was the answer. It told of Dr. Matthys and his new short incision surgery with no activity restrictions and quick recovery time. I made the appointment and was told exactly what would happen, and the surgery was scheduled. Everyone was so kind, so I wasn’t at all nervous about it. After the surgery, I was told I could do whatever was comfortable for me. What a relief – no pain. It’s five years since the surgery and there have been no problems. I am so grateful for that information in the Forum.”

Shirley N.
Hip Replacement

“When I was 22 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and by the time I was 33 I was in need of a total right hip replacement. I was told by other orthopedic doctors to wait as long as I could to have a hip replacement since I was so young. After some time, the quality of life wasn’t there. I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted and it was becoming difficult to walk. I decided it was time to get my life back.

I had known a few people who had a hip replacement. The recovery time seemed long and painful and dislocation was a possibility. I read on article in the newspaper about a new procedure that Dr. Matthys was performing. A minimally invasive procedure with a fast recovery time. After meeting with Dr. Matthys, I felt very comfortable and confident in his abilities and knew this procedure was right for me.

I had the surgery in 2004 and afterwards I felt great!I didn’t have any pain, got to work on my physical therapy and I was back to work after one week! It has now been 6 years since the surgery and I am able to do the things that I want pain free! Thank You Dr. Matthys!”

Stacy E.
Right Hip Replacement